Sustainable Works Station (SWS)


Your station to sustain the business!

No One Should be Left Behind


Sustainability is a need for Countries, Companies, Organizations & Individuals

Corporate and Supply Chain Sustainability

SWS Transforms Companies, Organizations into the Sustainable Business

Based in Istanbul, Türkiye. Founded by Olgun AYDIN, with Over 20 years of Experience and Expertise in Corporate and Supply-Chain Sustainability.
SWS is a Consulting Company focusing on Sustainable Development, Corporate and Supply Chain Sustainability.
Inspired by Social, Environmental, Corporate and Supply Chain Issues as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Ideas, implementations for a sustainable institution and the world


Address: Yesilkoy Mah, Ataturk Cad, EGS Bloklar, No: 12/26 

Bakirkoy, Istanbul, Türkiye

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