Sustainable Works Station (SWS)

Some of Our 


Ahmet Yatğın

Digital Communication Consultant

Amjad Alkhaled

Coordinator, Corporate & Supply Chain Sustainability

Aslin Güven

Head of Governance & Compliance Country Sustainability Lead
PUMA Turkey

Damla Büyüktaşkın

Senior Regional Livelihoods & Economic Inclusion Officer

Eda Akin

Sustainability Specialist
EKOTEKS Laboratory & Inspection Services

Furkan Yılmaz

Assistance, Corporate & Supply Chain Sustainability

Hasret Güneş

Project Manager
United Work

Inci Bacaci

Women’s Solidarity Foundation (KADAV) NGO

Marisa Childs

Production Director

Mediha Hamitoğlu

Vasi Group

Nesrin Başer

Head of Corporate Sustainability
SLN Tekstil & Moda

Nilgün Özdemir

EKOTEKS Laboratory & Inspection Services

Samet Çetin

Sustainability Manager
Spring Near East Manufacturing

Sinem Uzun

Branch Manager
PUMA Group Sourcing Turkey

Taşkın Kılıç

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Taşkın Kılıç
Ordu University

Tahire Akgündoğdu

Specialist Corporate & Supply Chain Sustainability
Fetih Tekstil

Who is next?

Ahmet Yatğın

Olgun always is open to new ideas. Well… Not always because he usually creates new ideas.

We have met in the neighborhood while we were having coffee. Since then we created a new look for his brand SWS and worked on digital communication for corporates which he works in already. 

It is a great pleasure to work with him because I learn and enjoy even if we talk about the Industrial Revolution.

Amjad Alkhaled

Our world is more interconnected than ever and we face daunting challenges from climate change to the refugee crisis every day and so with our eyes set on the future; SWS purpose becomes more essential than ever.

SWS mission is based on the foundation focus of Sustainability, Sustainable Development, and Corporate & Supply-chain Sustainability, the aim of it all is to Consult/Contribute in Organizations/Corporations to help bring them up to the highest standards of sustainability, consulate in teaching management better ways to get their companies to what’s the true standard of nowadays sustainability are while guaranteeing the ethical rights of employment for workers in the supply chain and finally not forgetting mother earth by making sure that it is maintained for the future generations to come.

Being the assistant of Olgun, working and collaborating together in SWS shows the vast knowledge and dedication that he gives to his work. being honest and transparent with everyone while keeping the best intentions in mind of all people involved is a rare and praiseworthy quality, I feel profoundly lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to learn and work alongside such a great personality.

Aslin Guven

The challenge of sustainable transformation for companies is balancing the need to keep business in motion while making changes to reach your sustainability targets.

Olgun is a sustainability guru with corporate mindset which is a very rare combination.

He is a very ambitious coach and unique professional having high standard business acumen at the same time.

I have been working with Olgun for many years and still have a lot to learn from him.

He is also very enjoyable to work with, colorful and visionary. That’s why I always look forward to our upcoming projects.

Damla Büyüktaşkın

Olgun has been my dear friend and a great colleague with whom I was lucky to work with on various projects. He is a strong advocate for refugee livelihoods and labor market inclusion of the forcibly displaced for many years. 

He has been one of the pioneers on the subject matter especially in Turkey and has taken part in many initiatives as well as having started quite a few himself. 

Olgun is an expert on many aspects of sustainability and our collaboration focused on labor rights and inclusion. He is a dedicated, passionate and hardworking individual with whom co-creation is always very rewarding and beneficial. 

I hope to continue our joint with him for many more years to come.


We crossed paths with Olgun in 2019 and since then we have been working together on sustainable development.

We have accomplished many projects in the fields of corporate and supply chain sustainability, social compliance, business ethics and occupational health and safety.

Working with him is very enjoyable and satisfying both professionally and personally. 

The idea of working on further projects with Olgun, as he is one of the most important representatives of the sector in the field of sustainability, still keeps me excited.

On behalf of Ekoteks, I would like to thank him for the progress we achieved together and his valuable contributions.

İzzet Furkan Yılmaz

I can describe my meeting with Olgun as the turning point and changing point of my life. I turned the concept of sustainability, which I was aware of when I was still a student, into responsibility as a result of the work we did with Olgun.

I learned a new piece of information from him every day and had the opportunity to apply this knowledges in the business world. I can confidently say that Olgun is both a teacher, a boss and a friend to me. We can control work perspective and discipline very well and have fun while working. Thus, our efficiency is greatly increased.

In addition to the work we have done in the field of sustainability, I watched, felt and learned the importance of institutionalization, accountability, feedback and the concept of simplicity.

In addition to these, I think that the trust and freedom given to young people is very valuable for a sustainable future.

I feel very lucky to know Olgun and to be his assistant.

Hasret Güneş

When we met years ago, Olgun was a member of PUMA exclusively, we have met soon after we started operating in Turkey in refugee employment field. 

Olgun has always been an extremely valuable contact in our area. He has good rapport with all stakeholders; government, private sector, and third sector. 

Our experience in the field has drastically changed after we earned his support to our endeavors. The influence he has on his network and on his professional entourage has created important chances for those who are unable to advocate themselves very early on, he led many other decision makers to be part of the solution by setting an example and directing his company to take his direction. 

Considering the invaluable contribution, he made as a professional, the news of him becoming the employer and having even more influence is an exciting news under the light of all these.

Inci Bacaci

KADAV and Olgun have been working together and implemented various projects since 2007.

Despite my new acquaintance; Olgun has become someone with whom I can work with the comfort and fluency of having been doing business with him for many years. I have been working with refugees and displaced women for a long time.

Olgun is someone who knows our needs as much as we do, so it is very easy to work with him and has a vision that opens many doors for us.

SWS provided us with multiple ideas while bringing fast solutions for the issues.

SWS also opened our way and took our voices to places we couldn’t reach.

Olgun became a very important stakeholder for us, thanks to his positive point of view, immediately producing alternative solutions in the face of difficulties and increasing our motivation. I think he is a very hardworking person and believes in what he does, which motivates, encourages and makes working together enjoyable.

SWS became one of the first Companies I wanted to consult when a different subject came to me in a short time, it is very nice to trust their expertise.

I say why we haven’t met before, but I believe that our solidarity will last for many years.

Marisa Childs

At Nicce we are on a journey to try and make the best choices we can to ensure we are working towards a more sustainable way to make clothing, protecting the planet and the people on it and quite honestly, we could not have done this without Olgun and the SWS team. Not just because of their extensive knowledge in the field of sustainable manufacturing, but equally their passion and application of working with factories to educate and implement the necessary health and safety working conditions for their community. 

To add to that Olgun himself is a master of making what could be a complicated situation, whether that involves the cost of doing the right thing, or convincing Senior Management to change their mindset.

Olgun is a Sustainable, Solution Focused Professor!!  and it has been an absolute pleasure to learn from and work with him.

Mediha Hamitoğlu

Olgun is a visionary, creative and inspiring professional who likes to think in the big picture and never forgets that he needs a lot of detail to achieve ambitious goals. He is one of the rare people in the business who knows how to reach the Company’s goals.

In the last 3 years, we have been working with Olgun and it was an honor to benefit from his professional experience to his industry know-how, he has always provided the best solutions to develop by analyzing our company from many perspective.

I have been working with Olgun for 3 years together and from the beginning onwards, we have built up a trustworthy and long-term relationship to analyze and build up strategies to our goals which are of big importance to grow our company.

He attaches great importance to ethical values and has also carried out many implementations together for the institutionalization and sustainability of our company. I plan to continue working with him for many years.

Nesrin Başer

I feel very grateful to have had an opportunity to know and work with Olgun for the last 4 years.

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with him; because of his expertise, reliability and kindness.

We have implemented many projects with him that will lead the industry within SLN Tekstil and supply chain via PUMA Sustainability achievements and targets. Through this journey, I’ve learned a lot from him that contributed me to become better.

His strong know-how skills, along with the commitment and dedication that he shows to his work, has earned him much deserved respect and admiration. That’s why; Olgun is one of the first names that comes to mind when the subject is “Sustainable Development, Corporate & Supply Chain Sustainability”.

He can never be called ordinary. He always brings different perspectives to the subjects, revealing his own unique style. He approaches every subject in detail, with no boundaries and always finds a bright idea that no one ever thought of. Sustainable development is possible with the participation and collaboration of all stakeholders and Olgun has a high ability to find and match the right stakeholders together. 

With this passion; he has spent great effort in transforming the concept of sustainability from awareness to corporate responsibility and contributed to the institutionalization of sustainability in many companies and organizations.

I hope that our cooperation will continue in the future, as it is now. But I’m sure that, even if our business relationship ends one day, our friendship will still continue.

Nilgün Özdemir

We planted the seeds of the sustainability work we started in 2019 together with SWS and we have been in an intense work tempo since then. 

It is a great pleasure to work with Olgun, who makes his professional, innovative and humanistic perspective felt in every field. I wish to sign good works together with SWS for many years.

Samet Çetin

I can clearly say that it was an amazing opportunity to work closely with SWS to do things better and sustainable. In collaboration with SWS at VASI Group Companies, we have implemented and conducted several capacity-building projects/programs specifically on corporate sustainability, circular economy, product traceability, carbon footprint, and sustainable energy.

Olgun always says that in today’s business, understanding stakeholders and engaging with them is the crucial thing to be a sustainable organization. VASI and I have achieved his perspective and vision during our journey with SWS.

After 4 years in collaboration, VASI has become the most visionary and sustainable sock manufacturer in the market with SWS experience and expertise. Appreciated his unprecedented contribution to my professional life and VASI.

Sinem Uzun

I have enjoyed getting to know Olgun and I’m very pleased to have him both as a friend and colleague. I value his expertise and opinions. He shares always super ideas, displays harmonious and cooperative spirit. 

He is full of energy and enthusiasm. It is really great to work with Olgun hand in hand to connect the dots between Sourcing and Sustainability.

Taşkın Kılıç

We have been collaborating with Olgun on scientific research, analysis and personnel training in Businesses within the scope of Sustainability studies in the textile industry since 2018. 

Olgun, prioritizes scientific, transparent, ethical, mutual learning and quality principles in all of our collaborations. He has an approach that cares about the results of my scientific analysis and training studies and places most of them in action plans in businesses. 

Olgun is an enlightened person who is sharing not only in his professional business life but also in his social life, who values friendship and people, and who generously shares his knowledge and provides new paradigms by being a role model to dozens of people interacting with him. 

I care about the continuation of my cooperation with Olgun for his contributions that create sustainability and added value to both me and the business.

Tahire Akgündoğdu

Collaboration with SWS played a decisive role in determining the concrete situation of our company, determining our current and potential risks, and planning our sustainable steps to be taken in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Taking advantage of Olgun experience and working principle in the textile industry is very valuable in solving the problems we experience on a global scale.

On behalf of Fetih Tekstil Family; We would like to thank SWS for the valuable contributions.